Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Toddler Snugglens™ Bag for Busy Mom's


Alot of you have asked for a bag that's not quite so stuffed and not quite so expensive and one that can be used sort of as a "Mom's Day Out" bag. Well, I have done it for you!

Here's my new "Mom's Day Out" bag designed for busy mom's with toddler(s). It will hold the essentials for a quick trip to the park, grocery store, or outing where photos may need to be taken. I saw a woman in a restaurant the other day with all her family, she had this enormous commercial camera bag and loaded with another diaper bag for the little ones. They were trying to get situated and she was digging here and there through this and that looking for the camera, some wipes for one of the toddlers, you know the story. I thought, "Gee, she just needs one mid size bag, LIGHTweight she can just sling over her shoulder and have the essentials for a quick trip to eat out. No fuss, no weight , zipper closure, no buckles and snaps to wrestle with as on the professional bags, just a comfortable midsize bag.

I made a mental note and jotted down my ideas. Today, I made it work!

Take a look and be sure to tell me your thoughts. If you don't let me know what you like, well, I'm shooting in the dark, so feedback and comments are certainly welcome. You are the end users! I just make it happen.

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